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Chimbi Look Ahead Mascot

Our Mascot

Chimbi is here to remind us to remain in the moment, while always looking ahead.  It is important to maintain your best mind-space and Chimbi is here to help.

Meet Chimbi

Why We're Here

Memory Pilot is about acting and reacting based on training and experience. We want to ride fast with you and create local industry resources to make products.

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Check out Wattstyle Socks (Bicycling Magazines Gear of the Year) as well as our Standard Awesome line of socks!

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Signet Hi-Viz Wool

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Wattstyle Wool Gray Wattstyle All Black Wattstyle Peacherine Wattstyle Red Velvet Wool Awesome Bike Riding Socks

Wattstyle Socks

Crush Watts in Style and Comfort

Functional zones with different knits and thickness are designed to stay cool and dry, provide support and comfort all while being imperceptible during your effort.

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Original Front Fender The Show-Off Front Fender Fat Bike Front Fender Rear Seat Fender Local Front Fender

The Local Fender

Made Locally In California By Us

Driven by a love for bike parts and a desire to create them, the Front and Rear Seat Local Fenders are the first step on our journey to make local production of value priced parts a reality.

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Basic Killer Socks

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Memory Pilot Exer-Tee Chimbi Mascot Jersey Memory Pilot Chimbi Mascot Hoodie

Soft Exer-Tee & Hoodie

Chimbi Gear Is Here

We have a limited run of our favorite Exer-Tee and Ultra-Cozy hoodie to keep warm after a ride.

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