We can Die Cut your project locally in Santa Barbara, California

Our die cutting press can cut a wide range of materials such as plastics, rubber, fabrics, gaskets, leather, paper stocks, etc. We  are set up to cut using steel rule or clicker dies in a cutting area that is 12"x24".  If your custom die cut project is within this size area its GAME ON!

We can work with commercial printers, as well as creators, artists, and makers of all kinds.

Use the contact form below to tell us about your project, call at [805] 253 2253, or even message us on Instagram @memorypilot if that's easiest for you.


Cutting Gaskets, Cutting Printed material, Cutting Envelopes, Cutting Leather, Cutting Textiles, Cutting Medical Devices, Cutting Samples, Cutting Pictures, Cutting Magnets, Cutting Swatches, Cutting Stickers, Cutting Labels

Tippman Pneumatic Press

15 Tons of Pressure Cuts Reliably and Efficiently

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