Face Forward

Introducing Chimbi

Chimbi is here to remind us to remain in the moment, while always looking ahead.  It is important to maintain your best mind-space and Chimbi is here to help.

Who is Chimbi?

Chimbi is an optimist... Chimbi always faces forward... Chimbi sees how far Chimbi has come... Chimbi ain't no fool... Chimbi knows where Chimbi has been... Chimbi faces problems... Chimbi likes to go fast... Chimbi creates challenges for Chimbi... Chimbi knows shit sucks... Chimbi looks for ways to do better... Chimbi is not afraid to suffer...Chimbi expects to fail, but also expects to win... Chimbi mostly remains calm... Chimbi takes responsibility for things... Chimbi deals with reality... Chimbi had a dimple... Chimbi is here to give... but outgre it... Chimbi recognizes you as a sibling...

Hi Everyone!

I’d like to introduce my mascot, Chimbi.

When simply putting on a smile doesn’t do anything, Chimbi can provide you with the true optimism and forward looking positivity that you need while you deal with serious problems right in front of you. Chimbi can always be nearby.

I am excited to have Chimbi as a part of the Memory Pilot brand officially and I look forward to seeing how far we can go. Please let me know if you have any Chimbi questions!

Thanks for your time,

Erik Saunders