Custom MTB - Gravel Race Plate (100 minimum)

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Ready, Set, GO! 

Minimum Order is 100 Plates.

We love racing. When our friends at California Enduro Series asked us to supply a high quality, vibrant and durable race plate that would also serve as a memento we jumped right in.  

We designed this plate around the needs of both riders and event promoters. 

  • Re-usable and suitable for multiple events.
  • Series promoters can assign one plate per rider all season long.
  • Roughly 6" wide by 4.75" 
    • small enough to stay out of the way of cables and controls
    • no trimming needed
    • big enough to boldly display rider numbers
    • lots of room for graphics and logos
  • Made of recyclable #2 HDPE
    • firm yet flexible, wont rip or tear
    • highly UV resistant
    • water-proof
  • Mounts securely
    • 2 zip ties go through the plate and around the bars
    • does not need to be secured to cables
    • does not bend, impede cables or steering

How To Order:

  • Design Your Own
    1. Click "customize" and use the design tool to create a number template
    2. Enter the desired quantity in the design tool
    3. Upload any background images or use ours
    4. Upload any vector logos you need to use in .svg format using the Image Upload tool
    5. Create a placeholder number using a wide number like 555, 666, 999 and select your favorite font, color, and stroke outline
    6. Once your design is complete confirm the quantity and check out
    7. When we receive your order we will go into production and assign the number series starting with number 1
    8. Orders ship in 10 days to 2 weeks depending on qty and order volume
  • Let The Pro's Handle It ($100)
      1. Enter the desired quantity on this page
      2. Click "add to cart" and check out
      3. We will send you an invoice for the design fee.
      4. We will email you to get any files to include in your design. You can also give us any notes or ideas that you would like us to incorporate in your design and send you proofs for approval.
      5. Once approved, we will produce your order
      6. Orders ship in 10 days to 2 weeks depending on qty and order volume

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