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The Memory Pilot Local Rear Seat Fender is made at Memory Pilot in Santa Barbara, CA from US sourced recyclable #2 HDPE.  This flexible mudguard will keep wet tire spray from your rear wheel off your butt.

With a total length of 15.25" it extends about 7.5" behind your seat to block mud, dirt and debris from being thrown up in a rooster tail and onto you.  The Local Rear Seat Fender is designed to be useful on any bike and can knock down crud flying off of 2.6" tires but still look slick on bikes running 25c rubber.

To install, fold along the creases where marked "Fold", lift the two tabs where marked "lift", grab and squeeze with your left hand along the line marked "Grab & Squeeze", then insert the fender between the saddle rails from behind until they snap into the mounting holes at the ends of the channels created by the tabs you lifted. Depending on your seat and seatpost, the tip can secure itslef in one of three ways. On some saddles the barbs on the tip can grab the head of your seat post and secure itself, on some they can bend down and be spread to snap under the front rails, on still others the barbs will snap into place between the front rails and exert pressure between them to stay centered.

Our passion is for bike parts, and creation, so as a first step we have decided to make this fender ourselves.  Eventually we will make other things too... but first things first...  

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