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Memory Pilot LLC is a California company headquartered in Santa Barbara. The company is owned by partners Erik Saunders and Jamie Bennett. Managing Partner Erik Saunders has worked in leadership positions in the bicycle industry since retiring from professional racing in 2008.

Erik will be taking the hands-on management role in the company following his successful tenure as the General Manager of the US subsidiary of VP Components, a major OEM supplier and manufacturer in the bicycle business. He will be using his experience in manufacturing, supply chain, product design and engineering, marketing, and business development to make Memory Pilot an important brand based on great product and a human connection to riders everywhere.


Improved Technical Soft-Goods

Wattstyle Socks

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Made In California

Local Front MTB Fender

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On-Trend Products Quick To Market With High Margin & Low Lead Time.

Memory Pilot is as close to the market and riders as the best retailers and core brands are and has the agility and supply chain support to lead trends.

   · Memory Pilot owns its own plastics manufacturing and is unique in its speed responding to consumer and retailer needs quickly and without risk of excess inventory.

   · While there are currently many brands offering technical socks in the US market, the Wattstyle sock is the only to offer varying weave profiles to relieve pressure over the ankle, increase cooling in the front of the sock, or offer ribbed support in the rear of the sock.

    · Wattstyle socks offer unique styling and patterns in the market offering an alternative to typical socks.

    · No fenders in the US market are made in the USA and offered at a price competitive with imports and designed to offer retailers competitive margins.

    · None of the current fenders in the US market offer low MOQ digital customizations with free shipping while maintaining full margins for retailers at normal pricing levels.

    · Memory Pilot's marketing strategy is to emphasize a future product vision based on near sourcing and local production of parts and accessories made from recyclable plastics.


Focused On The LBS As An Important Retail Channel And Independent Outside Reps As The Best Way To Build

Across the US the bicycle business has seen an explosion of brands dedicated to online sales. Memory Pilot is committed to human connection and we believe in brick and mortar retail as a primary channel through which our products can be successfully sold.  We are dedicated to building our brand through speciality retailers who also value the connections between real people who share experiences.  This means being attentive to their needs, offering competitive margins, offering free shipping, and protecting the pricing of our products across channels to eliminate buyer confusion.  Since we value human connection over sales, we can maintain channel integrity to the benefit of all of our partners.

Future Orientation

Expanding Manufacturing Expanding Product Line

Investing in Vacuum Forming to produce form-fitting fenders and a line of on-bike tool storage kits.