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I have loved going fast on bikes for 30 years.  After getting my first mountain bike, it didn't take long to commit to a life of putting the hammer down.  It's been incredibly fulfilling.  

In my racing career, and a later career in the bike industry bringing new products to life, I have worked with some of the top brands in the world and the most talented and engaged product managers, engineers, and designers.

Through Memory Pilot, I can apply everything I have learned to create truly useful bike parts for athletes who share my passion for riding hard.

Problem Solving is at the center of training, racing, and product development.  The acute mindfulness of the athlete helps to discern the true nature of a problem amid the noise and distraction surrounding it.  This is the core of the Memory Pilot approach to offering products that improve the experience of riding fast and adventuring beyond.


Erik Saunders

Memory Pilot
Flow State

Awareness and Action

Free to act and react without hesitation. Knowing what to do based on your trained natural reaction.  You remember what to do because you've done it before.

High Level Basics

Learn the Rules to Later Forget Them

Mindful Awareness

Observe and React Skillfully

The real motivation is to carry out an activity thoroughly, in the best way possible. The real aim is to develop and improve what you are working on no matter if it's a sock, a bike part, a skill, or yourself.

Try Hard
& Commit

You won't regret it.