Custom Local Front MTB Fender
Custom Local Front MTB Fender
custom squirrel with green helmet and yellow stripes background mudguard
Custom Local Front MTB Fender
custom sample of skull front mtb fender mudguard
Custom Local Front MTB Fender
custom black rhino mtb mudguard
custom dog front fender
cthulhu closeup on a custom MTB mudguard
custom ghose dog front MTB fender
custom MTB fender sample
Custom Local Front MTB Fender
Custom Local Front MTB Fender

Custom Local Front MTB Fender

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←Open ♡CLIPARTS, click “All categories” to pick a background. Chose Photo Backgrounds or Vector Backgrounds. To create a solid background click ♢SHAPES, select a square and drag its sides to fill the entire template. You can change its color by clicking the ⚫️colored circle in the top toolbar.

♢ SHAPES and the “Sick Designs” category of CLIPARTS have great design elements to help design something awesome. You can change the size, fill color, stroke color, or add transparency to designs. If you are looking for something specific search single terms to narrow your options (eg. "skulls")

✍︎ TEXT can be added in any of 100's of Google fonts. You can change the fill and outline color along with all the typical text edits. You can also curve, bow and stretch the text to fit your design.

☒ IMAGES can be uploaded from your hard drive. Click "Resources" to choose to add images from your FB and IG accounts. You can also search Pixabay for the right image for your design. Try "mountains", "mist", or "forest" to get started. You can also upload Vectors (like a company logo) in .svg format and edit just as you would anything found in ♢ SHAPES.

✎ DRAWING is a basic tool that will let you specific a stroke width, pick a color, set transparency, and free draw on your fender. It is very simple, but sometimes is just what you need.

❏ LAYERS will let you see everything you've added, bring items to the front, send them to the back, lock them in place, and make them invisible.

✋Need Help? Click the HELP menu!

One Memory Pilot logo will be added to one of the tabs, but it will hide when mounted. If you want to integrate the logo into your design, you can add it from the SHAPES menu.


It’s SO much better than I could have hoped. When I first used the customizing tool I set it up so it would look “good enough” for me.... The way it’s actually printed though? Amazing!!! ... it ends up looking so much nicer than my vision of it from the customizing tool. Thank you so much!! I really love it!

custom rear seat mudguard with a cat

When I originally uploaded this design on the website the picture looked a little pixelated and I was worried that the fender would end up kinda fuzzy. I was wrong!! This thing turned out better than I could have hoped!!! Now hopefully we will get some rain soon so I can put this bad boy to use!

Photo printed on to a custom mtb front mudguard

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Upload a photo and design your mudguard
Custom Made in USA mudguard fender. Add your own images, use 100's of design elements, add text.

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Vector Tutorial:

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