Compel Grips - COMING SOON
Compel Grips - COMING SOON
Compel Grips - COMING SOON
Compel Grips - COMING SOON
Compel Grips - COMING SOON
Compel Grips - COMING SOON
Compel Grips - COMING SOON
Compel Grips - COMING SOON

Compel Grips - COMING SOON

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Memory Pilot Compel performance grips are unique. They absorb 70% of energy received giving them superior vibration damping capability. We designed this grip with 5 functional zones that add to the comfort and fatigue resisting qualities giving mountain bike pilots a new level of control.  Scroll down for more details on our Compel grip.

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Precision and Control
Without the Death Grip

The Right Rubber and 5 Distinct Technical Zones Deliver the Goods

When we grip the bars, most of the strength comes from our middle, ring and pinky fingers acting in opposition to our thumb. We get more holding force on the grip when the thumb can wrap around and complete a circle to the fingers. Compel reduces the diameter of the grip in this critical zone so that when we need all-out grip it is there for us.  

Control comes from our thumb being able to closely wrap the grip and anchor it into the hand.  This also provides a lot of lateral security.  There is a textured cut-out for the thumb to enable this which also gives your thumb much closer access to shifter paddles and dropper controls without giving up grip. 

The top of the grip is the main area of contact and provides an inboard surface designed for support and an outboard area designed for pressure relief with compressible lugs that move in all directions to absorb energy.

Vibration Cancelling

Compel grips use a special rubber compound that has a very low rebound resilience of 30%.  This means that our rubber damps 70% of energy it receives which transmits much less vibration to your hands.

Thicker Where it Counts

Grip padding is offset to get more rubber under your palm where you want it.  Thicker material means more vibration damping and more comfort.

Security and Control

A radiused cutaway for the thumb adds grip and security with easier reach to the controls. Your thumb can more easily create a power grip with less force and this means more control and less fatigue over time.

Up Front Support

Solid shallow lugs support your hand and let our rubber damp vibrations without squirming under load.  When you pull up hard, or push into a turn the Compel grip is there for you with a solid feel in the area that it is needed.


Tall lugs compress to relieve pressure on soft tissues of the hand.  These lugs are also designed to move around in all directions helping to further absorb shocks and save your hands from having to deal with that extra energy.

Waffles All Day FTW

Nothing beats the venerable "moto waffle" pattern for traction.  We have also reduced the diameter slightly to facilitate a strong grip with less force, which adds up to more comfort, more control, and less fatigue.

Technical Details

30A Soft Durometer

Material: Vibration Damping TPR

Offset Thickness Toward the Rider

Radius Thumb Cutaway

Length: 135mm

Major Diameter: 31mm

Single Aluminum Clamp

Closed end polypropylene core