Wattstyle Black Gold

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Dig Deep and Come Up Big... 

Black with Gold Blocks, Silver Blocks, and a White Stripe

Wattstyle socks are the finest performance socks you have ever worn.  Designed specifically to perform as well grinding up climbs as they do at high speeds, these socks feature distinct functional zones with varying knits and thickness.  Wattstyle socks have a light compression fit with arch support, stay cool and dry, provide support and comfort all while being imperceptible during your effort.  

8" Cuff Fits sizes 40-46

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Customer Reviews

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Best socks ever, puts all you other socks to shame.

Brian Sikich

Still the best I've tried even after months of hard use.

Dave Phraener

Ultralight Over the Ankle

A True No Pressure Situation

Light Compression

A Supportive Hug

Open Weave Front

Stay Cool and Keep Crushing

Durable Heel & Toe

Although the Wattstyle is thin, our fabric is still tough.  A tighter denser weave in both the heel and toe areas ensure lasting performance and long life of the sock.

Vertical Ribs

Vertical ribs up the back support the Achilles and help the sock stand tall.  The ribs also provide a protective cushion behind the leg where pedal pins can sometimes bite.   

Quick Dry

Synthetic (Nylon & Spandex) fabrics help this sock dry out faster than any other material that we tested during our development.  Neither sweat nor water gave us any issue.